Jack Starrett

Jack Starrett (American Actor)- Cause of Death & Net Worth

Jack Starrett is an American film director and actor. Jack is popular because of his role as Gabby Johnson in the American Satirical western black comedy film ‘Blazing Saddles. He is also well recognized for his role in the action film ‘First Blood’.


Jack Starrett ( American Actor) Wiki/Bio

Jack Starrett

On November 2, 1936, Jack was born in Refugio, Texas United States.  On March 27, 1989, at the age of 52, he died in Sherman Oaks, California, the U.S. Professionally he was an actor and film director. He started his career in 1961.


Physical Appearance

Hair Color– Black

Eye Color– Black

Skin Tone– White



Starrett did not share any information about his school or college.



Before coming to Hollywood he was worked in the Oil field.

He got his first role in the 1961 Hollywood film Like Father Like Son as a Coach Jennings.

Below we share his film and Television show lists as an actor with years and role.

Film Lists

The Young Sinner as Coach Jennings in 1965.

Hells Angels on Wheels as Agt. Bingham in 1967.

The Born Losers as Deputy Fred in 1967.

Angeles from Hell as Bingham in 1968.

In 1970 he appeared in films includes Hell’s Bloody Devils as Rocky, The Girls from Thunder Strip as Sheriff, Nam’s Angeles as Chet Davis and Cry blood, Apache as The Deacon.

Kid Blue as Tough Guy as in 1973.

In 1974, Blazing Saddles as Gabby Johnson and The Gravy Train as Gentleman Rancher.

In 1975, Race with the Devil as Gas Station Attendant.

The Rose as Dee in 1979.

From 1982 to 1990 Jack appeared in films include First Blood as Deputy Sergeant Arthur, The River as Swick, Like Father Like Son as Coach Jennings, Brothers in Arms as Father, Family Reunion as Charlie, Nightwish as Professor, and Hollywood Heartbreak as Lou Budowski.

Jack Starrett in First Blood
In First Blood


His Tv Shows Lists

Cade’s County as Wilbur Bain in 1971.

Nowhere to Hide as Gus in 1977.

Mr. Horn as General George Crook and Survival of Dana as Police Photographer in 1979.

In 1983 Hill Street Blues as Farley.

Wildside as General Abraham and Hunter as Dennis Balzer in 1985.

In his career, he directs many films and Tv Shows that include. Below we share the list of his direct films.

He Direct Films

Run, Angel, Run, and Hose of Zodiac in 1969.

Nam’s Angels and Cry Blood, Apache in 1970.

The Strange Vengeance of Rosalie and Slaughter in 1972.

Cleopatra Jones in 1973.

The Gravy Train in 1974.

Race with the Devil and The New Spartans in 1975.

A Small Town in Texas and Hollywood Man in 1976.

Walking Tall: Final Chapter in 1977.


He Direct Tv Shows

The Bold Ones: The New Doctors in 1969

Night Chase in 1970.

Roger and Harry: The Mitera Target and Nowhere to Hide in 1977.

In 1978 he direct Tv Shows includes Thaddeus Rose and Eddie, Big Bob Johnson.

Next Year in 1979 Jack’s direct Tv Shows includes Mr. Horn, Paris, A Man Called Sloane, and Survival of Dana.


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Jack Starrett Personal Life

He married Valerie Starrett. The couple has a daughter name is Jennifer Starrett. Her daughter also an actress.


Jack Starrett Cause of Death

On March 27, 1989, at the age of 52, Jack died in Sherman Oaks, California, United States. His cause of death is Kidney failure.


Jack Starrett Net Worth

In his career, he works and many films and Tv shows as an actor. He also directs many films and Tv Shows. In his career, he earns a very good amount of money approx $20 Million.


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